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Implant dentistry restores patients with the ability to function, chew and speak, but it also restores self esteem and self confidence.

Our office is designed and equipped to take you from consultation and treatment planning with a state of the art 3D CT scan in the office through any surgical phases whether that involves removing teeth, bone or soft tissue grafting , implant placement to the final restoration all in one location.  We are not a corporate run chain but a private dental practice focusing on advanced adult restorative dentistry.  Our office will calm you as you enter a totally restored 1920’s Victorian office.  Many patients say it reminds them of home and you will know you are not a number but a valued patient that will be given the attention you deserve.

Our office is not a cookie cutter approach to dental implants but an individualized approach to dental implant treatment.  There are no “one size fits all” treatment plans, just a customized plan to suit your individual  needs.


Let’s look at just some of the examples of how you may be a candidate for dental implants.

  1. If you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth, dental implants are likely the best option for you. If you are only missing one tooth, alternative treatments like a bridge, require grinding down perfectly good adjacent teeth and studies indicate 10 year survival rates with dental implants exceeds that of traditional crown and bridge and preserves neighboring teeth.  If you are missing multiple teeth implants are far superior to any kind of removable partial denture appliance.  Implants are fixed and feel, look, and function like regular teeth.  If you are missing all of your teeth you know the disadvantages of dentures.  They are loose, they don’t function like teeth, and with years of use will destroy bone.  Dental implants solve the loose denture problems in a variety of ways all of which are vast improvements over traditional dentures.
  2. Another unique area to our practice is treating the failing root canal treated tooth. Many times, almost daily in our practice, patients come to us with a failed root canal.   We have developed techniques to atraumatically remove the tooth, graft bone in its place, and finally place and a restore a dental implant.  There is an alternative to a failed root canals and it’s the dental implant.
  3. Congenitally missing teeth. Some patients are born missing teeth, in many cases their upper lateral incisors.  These cases in conjunction with the orthodontist are routinely treated with dental implants providing a fixed natural looking tooth and sparing adjacent healthy teeth.  Some patients have retained primary molars that stay long into adulthood before failing.  Again, these are routinely treated with dental Implants keeping intact the adjacent natural tooth.
  4. Sometimes trauma or decay results in a lost tooth and generally at the worst possible time. These are case that can sometimes be treated by a procedure called immediate placement and loading.  In certain cases we will remove a tooth or a remnant of a tooth, place an implant and a crown on the implant all in one day.   Its treatment like this that can save a wedding day or a graduation.

Implant dentistry restores patients with the ability to function, chew and speak, but it also restores self esteem and self confidence.  How many times have I experienced a happy patient holding the mirror with the result only to say “thank you, I can smile again”, or “know I can go on that job interview or important date with confidence”.  There is no better satisfaction in my career than to provide these kinds of results.  Dental Implants preserve facial structures and improve smiles

So from a single tooth implant replacement, to implant supported bridges or dentures, “All on Four or Teeth in a Day type treatments, we can handle your case.

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