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At the core of any great dental office is terrific dental hygiene department. Ours is headed By Diana, a Registered Dental Hygienist practicing for almost 30 years.

At the core of any great dental office is terrific dental hygiene department.   Ours is headed By Diana, a Registered Dental Hygienist practicing for almost 30 years.  Diana has worked with Dr. Minalt for almost 20 of those years.   It would be easy to make a list of services offered in our hygiene department but it would make more sense to describe our philosophy in hygiene and what we do to implement those values.

Our Philosophy in dental hygiene is individual patient centered care with the main goal being Prevention.  Prevention is the foundation of dental hygiene and at the core of what we provide in dental hygiene.  Healthy teeth and gums require effort on both the patient and the hygienist.   That is why all of our patients have a review of oral hygiene home care instructions at each visit.  All of our patients receive a periodontal exam to assess the health of the gums. If a healthy situation is found a standard dental cleaning is provided.   If any signs of periodontal disease are present we have a number of treatments we can provide to address the condition.  We provide non surgical scaling and root planning as a foundation for periodontal treatment.  Depending on the patient we have many adjunctive therapies at our disposal like chemotherapeutic irrigation, localized antibiotic placement, or laser decontamination.   Once health is restored we provide Periodontal Maintenance visits on a regular basis.

Prevention is also at the core of dental decay.   Children and adults can benefit from fluoride treatment provided in our office as a means of decay prevention. Fluoride also provides relief from patients with root sensitivity.  Prevention is found in our screening for Oral Cancer.  All of our patients receive an intraoral and extraoral exam for cancer that involves visual inspection, palpation, and digital exam.   In addition to that we use fluorescent technology in the form of the VELSCOPE as part of our oral cancer exam.

Many of our patients have dental implants as the practice has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 25 years.    We have developed specialized hygiene techniques for our implant patient’s that is highlighted in our commitment to Cumulative Interceptive Supportive Therapy.   This provides for ongoing continual hygiene maintenance based on each individual patient or implant situation.  Our office is equipped with a 3D CBCT scan that is used for all our implant patients based on individual needs.


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